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The Brian Zhou Show Podcast

Welcome to The Brian Zhou Show, hosted by business owner, videographer, photographer, vlogger, and a rock climber Brian Zhou. On this podcast we have conversations with people that take us on a journey through their lives. We unpack the events, people, experiences that make them (and us) who we are. This podcast will bring people together to learn about different people, places, cultures, beliefs, spirituality, and ultimately the human condition.

Below are the show notes to each episode. Enjoy!

1 | My Story

Show Notes:

My story of my journey to podcasting and developing who I am.

 2 | An Rumaan’s Story

Show Notes:

A story about immigration and finding your home.


3 | Kaylla And Ellie’s Story

Show Notes:

A story of finding your identity and same sex relationships.

4 | Joshua’s Story

Show Notes:

A story of depression, near suicide and then finding God.

5 | Our Ticket To Freedom’s Story

Show Notes:

A story of the beginning of a travel hacking blog.

6 | Josie’s Story

Show Notes:

A story of finding who you are even though you are stuck in the wrong body.

7 | Tris’ Story

Show Notes:

A Story of fear controlling your life and a battle with cancer.

8 | Justin’s Story

Show Notes:

Justin shares his journey of growing up denying who he was and always wearing a mask, to then blossoming into a confident individual that is proud to love men and has become a well known name in the modeling world of Michigan.

9 | Zell’s Story

Show Notes:

Zell shares his story of witnessing death, being molested and finding comfort in a great support group filled with friends and family. He then goes on to become more confident in who he is and is now chasing his dream of being an actor.

10 | Em and

The Gather Coffee Co’s Story

Show Notes:

This is Em's story of how she grew up in Detroit with an amazing sense of community and how community, art, coffee, and cities have influenced her to start her own coffee company called The Gathering Coffee Co.

11 | Lance's Story

Show Notes:

Lance shares his journey of growing up in Sierra Leone, moving to America and pursuing his dream of directing and writing. He gives insight into the tenacity needed for success in the film industry.

12 | Three DMs Podcasts' Story

Show Notes:

Ever thought about what Dungeons and Dragon's is? I played with a local D&D Podcasters and they shared their knowledge about it. We explored how they got into tabletop gaming and why D&D is their game of choice.

13 | Tuisy’s Story

Show Notes:

Tuisy’s story starts off in Puerto Rico. After getting into a serious accident and moving to the United States, he realized that life in Detroit was significantly different. He shares his experiences growing up around gang activity in impoverished areas and how he found his passion for Jesus and Music. We even talk about his personal interactions with racism today.

14 | Katie’s Story

Show Notes:

Katie’s story starts with the loss of her father. After her loss she began to develop bad habits that would impact the things that she wanted to do in her life. She didn’t want to be held back from doing anything just because of her weight, specifically skydiving. After participating in a small weight-loss challenge in her workplace she realized that she needed to change things in her life. She has lost around 100 lbs with the Keto Diet with help from an Instagrammer (@thesweatybeast). She hopes to influence other peoples lives and create healthier people.